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Budgeting for Calgary Parkade Cleaning Services

Keeping your parking lot looking great is a big task, but an important one. Including cleaning services in your company’s budget helps make sure this job isn’t neglected. Here are some things to consider when budgeting for parkade cleaning in Calgary.

1.Parking Lot Size for Cleaning

Not surprisingly, the size of the parkade impacts the cost to have it cleaned. Bigger parking lots are more expensive to clean than smaller ones.

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2.Frequency of Parkade Maintenance

How often you need the parking lot cleaned will also impact your budget. The company providing parking lot maintenance can work with you to determine the right schedule for your business. You have to pay for more frequent visits, but a cleaner lot typically takes less time to clean which helps save you money.

3.The Type of Business that Needs Parkade Cleaning

What type of business do you run? Some generate more trash in their parking lots than others. Parkades that have more food wrappers, plastic bags, loose papers, and other trash take longer to clean.

4.The Condition of the Parking Lot

Well-maintained parkades are easier to clean than ones that have been neglected and suffer from cracks and potholes. Keeping your space in good condition with regular parking lot maintenance can help you save money in the long run.

5.Additional Calgary Parkade Cleaning Services

Know what’s included in regular parkade cleaning in Calgary. Some services cost extra, such as power sweeping, so be sure to plan accordingly depending on the needs of your business.

6.Seasonal Parkade Cleaning Projects

It’s also important to consider seasonal projects. Many parkade cleaning companies also offer services such as snow removal and leaf blowing. If these are services your company needs, include them in your budget too.

Keeping these things in mind can help you determine how much to budget for the important task of parkade cleaning in Calgary.

The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email to [email protected] or fill out our online form!

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