Parking Lot Line Painting & Floor Striping in Calgary

Are your parking lines faded, crooked or unevenly spaced?

With our parking lot painting service, we can remove any parking lines that are faded or haven’t been done correctly. We specialize in providing top-quality line painting and pavement marking solutions to help enhance the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of your parking lot. Whether you manage a commercial property, retail space, or residential complex that requires parkade line painting, our experienced team is here to assist you.

Parking Lot Lines Are Required By Law

Did you know that you can be fined for not having clear parking lot line painting in Calgary?

If unclear or missing parking lot markings lead to violations or unsafe conditions, such as vehicles parking improperly, blocking access or fire lanes, or causing traffic congestion, authorities may issue fines or penalties. 


It’s crucial for property owners and managers to prioritize the maintenance of well-defined and easily visible disabled or handicapped parking spaces and clear parking lot lines. This not only helps prevent legal actions and complaints but also ensures the safety of individuals using the parking area.

At CityPro Parkade Services, we consistently stay on top of the latest codes in the province of Alberta, enabling us to guarantee compliance with both Municipal and Provincial requirements with our professional parking lot cleaning and maintenance services.

Parking Lot Line Painting For New & Existing Parking Lots

Whether you need our parking lot line painting services in Calgary for a completely new parking lot layout or you just want to boost the appearance of your existing layout, we’ll use high-quality equipment and paints to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers. We offer our parking lot painting services for interior and exterior parking structures.

Our parking lot line painting and floor striping services include:

We can also provide Calgary parkade cleaning services to ensure your parking lot looks its best!

Enhance Your Parking Lot With Professional Line Painting Services

Does your parking lot lack clear and well-defined lines? Are you concerned about the safety and appearance of your establishment? Our professional line painting services are here to revitalize your parking lot and provide numerous benefits that will leave a lasting impression on your customers and visitors, including creating a clean and inviting atmosphere and enhancing safety. 


By hiring our professional line painting services, you can ensure that your parking lot is equipped with clear and visible markings. From designated parking spaces and handicap spots to arrows, crosswalks, and safety zones, we’ll create a well-organized and easy-to-navigate environment that promotes safety for everyone.

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