Parking Lot Line Painting & Floor Striping in Calgary

Parking lot lines and stencils that are neat and clean are crucial for maintaining order and safety in parkades. They’re also the first thing that visitors and customers recognize when they arrive on your property. Whether you need our parking lot line painting services for a completely new parking lot layout, or you just want to boost the appearance of your existing layout, we’ll use high-quality equipment and paints to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers. We offer our line painting services for interior and exterior parking structures.

Floor Stripping in Calgary & the Surrounding Areas

Are your parking lines faded, crooked or unevenly spaced? With our parking lot striping service, we can remove any parking lines that are faded or haven’t been done correctly. This will enhance your customers’ experiences, allowing you to have more positive interactions with people who enter your business. We can also provide Calgary parkade cleaning services to make sure everything look its best.

Our line painting and floor stripping services also include:

  • Line painting and retracing
  • Removal and stripping of old markings
  • Letter and number stenciling
  • Crosshatching
  • Handicap parking symbol painting
  • Curb painting
  • Speed bump painting
  • Crosswalk like painting
  • Traffic arrow painting
  • Stop line and bar painting
  • Specialty symbols and markings

If you need line painting, stencils, or floor stripping in Calgary, contact CityPro Parkade Services today for a fresh coat of paint or a new parking layout entirely.

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