Power Washing in Calgary For Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Ramps & More

At CityPro Parkade Services, we pride ourselves on our high attention to detail. To help ensure that your property is in pristine condition, our parking lot cleaning and power washing services in Calgary give us the ability to easily access and thoroughly clean areas that are hard to reach for most cleaning machines. From sharp corners to curbs, sidewalks, and steep ramps, we can easily access all areas for cleaning. High or low, and even below ground, we’ll be able to remove any tough stains and grime so you’re guaranteed to be left with a perfect finish! The main goals of power washing your parking lot include removing difficult materials such as:

  • Excess salt
  • Compacted dirt
  • Oil stains

If left alone, these different materials can corrode your parking lot surface, leading to faster deterioration. To avoid such problems and ensure a clean parking lot, contact us for power washing, parking lot sweeping, and parkade cleaning in Calgary and area.

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