If you run a parkade in the city, you know how important it is to have a clean structure. Dirt, debris, grime and salt residue can build up to wear away at the flooring of your parade, so parkade cleaning is imperative to prolong the life of your parking lot.

When it comes to your customer base, a clean parkade is essential. Clean surfaces look better and will leave a lasting and positive impression on those using your parkade. It’s also safer for pedestrians walking through the parkade. Those using your parkade are more at risk for tripping and falling if you have cracked surfaces, oil stains and salt residue on your floor.

CityPro Parkade Services provides parkade cleaning in Calgary. For more information on our parkade maintenance and cleaning services, please read our FAQ below.

What maintenance services do you offer?
If your parking lot is looking faded and it’s hard for your tenants to see the lines, this can lead to people parking incorrectly and angry customers. Thus, it’s very important to maintain your parkade, which is why we offer line painting and industrial painting.

What parkade cleaning services do you offer?
CityPro Parkade Services provides a wide range of effective cleaning methods to ensure all litter and debris are removed from your parking structure. Our parkade cleaning services in Calgary include:

Not only do we make sure the parking areas of your parkade are clean, we offer comprehensive cleaning services so your entire structure is dust and debris free. 

What is power sweeping?

The first step of our parkade cleaning services is power sweeping. Power sweeping involves the use of specialized vehicles fitted with industrial sweeping brushes to keep your parking structure clean. It is a fast and effective way to help prolong the life of the pavement in your parkade as well as the drain system because debris, dirt and garbage will be removed rather than heading down into your drain.

What is power scrubbing?
The next step we usually take during our cleaning jobs is to perform power scrubbing. Using special scrubbing machines and industrial cleaners, our team goes over every inch of your parkade to scrub away and loosen any oil stains and leftover dirt, sand and small debris that the power sweeper was unable to remove.

What is power washing?
After power scrubbing your parkade, our team will wash your floor to send the cleaners and loosened dirt down the drain. We use an industrial power washing machine using high pressure water streams to remove all excess salt, compacted dirt and oil stains to prevent your flooring from deteriorating too quickly.

What does your pipe and wall cleaning service entail?

Using handheld tools and our power washing machinery, our team finishes our parkade cleaning in Calgary with pipe and wall cleaning services. This service entails cleaning your ceiling and walls as well as any exposed piping in your parkade. This portion of our cleaning service can help you maintain your customer base as it prevents dust from falling onto the heads of those parking in your structure. It can also prevent animals from roosting in your ceiling.

Do you offer cleaning and maintenance contracts?
For your convenience, we offer very flexible hours and maintenance schedules. We are available any time of day to perform line painting or parkade cleaning in Calgary, and we offer weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance contracts that you can schedule ahead of time.

Do you offer customized cleaning services?
When you call us to schedule our parkade cleaning services, we can go into more detail about our cleaning and maintenance services and create a custom plan tailored to your specific needs.

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