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How Do You Paint Parking Lot Lines?

When most people drive into a parking lot, they take the lines for granted. However, when those lines are not there, chaos quickly ensues. If you want to keep your parking lot orderly and safe, then you need to make sure that your lines are clearly and accurately placed. You are going to be best served by a company that specializes in commercial painting in Calgary.

Come Up With Your Plan First

You need to know how you want the traffic to flow through the lot, and you should know how many spots you can safely create. You will have to account for special parking spaces, backing out, pedestrian walkways and shipping lanes. This is more complicated than you realize, which is another reason why it is better to invest in commercial painting in Calgary.

Chalk Out Your Lines

You will want to have a rough draft sketched out on the actual lot before you paint the real thing. Fortunately, you can do this easily with chalk. If you hire a company for commercial painting in Calgary, the chalking will happen first to make sure that the lines are drawn properly.

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Apply Paint To The Parking Lot

Next, paint must be applied directly over the chalk. When the process is done by hand, a four-inch roller can be used. However, a commercial company will probably use a line striper. This makes the process go a lot faster and produces better results.

Wait For Paint To Fully Dry

Once the lines are applied, keep people out of the lot! The paint needs to fully dry before usage. If the lines are touched too soon, the lines will be blurred, smudged or ruined entirely. This will hinder your end result dramatically.

Paint Your Parking Lot Today!

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