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Parking Lot Cleaning in Calgary

Studies show that a business’s external cleanliness is one of the top decision-making factors regarding where customers shop. It’s no secret that maintaining your parking lot’s cleanliness shows off your professionalism and that you are welcoming!

When it comes to parking lot cleaning, the benefits are more than purely aesthetic.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of having a clean parking lot and how our services here at CityPro Parkade can help.

Avoid Pollution

Did you know that a clean parking lot can minimize pollution? For one, it will mitigate littering when your parking lot area is well maintained. Other ways it can avoid pollution are:

  • Prevents chemicals & dirt from draining into local waterways
  • Prevents rodents and pests
  • Avoids hazards for birds and wildlife

Maintaining your external area with regular parking lot cleaning will show customers that you care about the environment.

Extend Asphalt Longevity

Reduce sewer blockage and improve drainage by removing dirt and debris from your driveway or roadway. The formation of puddles and standing water can deteriorate asphalt surfaces.

Regular parking lot cleaning will improve the overall lifespan of your lot when it comes to its longevity and durability. This can be as standard as filling cracks in the asphalt as they appear or salting the ground during winter while taking the time to remove snow and ice build-up. A clean parking lot will prevent poor conditions in the asphalt from worsening, thus saving you those potentially complex and costly repairs.

Attract Customers!

The cleanliness of a business’s external property can say a lot about a business’s values at first glance for most customers!

This is why having a regular parking lot cleaning will drive customers to visit, as it shows you take pride in your business and the environment. A clean parking lot free of garbage, oil slicks and debris will be essential for attracting potential customers.

It also shows that you care about the customer’s safety, as having a parking lot cleaned eliminates slip & fall hazards.

Our Parking Lot Cleaning Services

If your parking lot has seen better days and you require parkade cleaning in Calgary and the surrounding areas, contact CityPro Parkade Services today.

We thrive in providing our community with parking lot cleaning services such as:

  1. Parking lot power sweeping
  2. Parking lot power washing services
  3. Parking lot maintenance and more

Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out our online form!

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