Power Scrubbing for Parkades, Underground Parking, and Warehouses

Due to Calgary’s harsh weather conditions, it’s important to remove grease and oil from parking stalls, and any buildup on the surface membrane to ensure that your concrete stays durable and long-lasting. Removing these stains is a rather difficult process, but thanks to our powerful scrubbers and parking lot cleaning solutions, we’re able to tackle some of the city’s dirtiest parkades and warehouses with ease. 

The parking lot or structure at your business is generally the first thing any potential customer will interact with. If your parking lot is dirty and difficult to navigate, your potential customers may get a bad first impression of your company. By regularly including power scrubbing as part of your property maintenance schedule, you’ll be projecting a professional, clean, and courteous image to anyone who visits your property. Contact CityPro Parkade Services today to schedule regular power scrubbing services in Calgary.

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