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The Benefits of Consistent Parkade Asphalt Maintenance

When it comes to property maintenance, owners typically think of the building’s interior first. However, it’s important not to overlook the condition of your parkade. It may seem like an insignificant step, but maintaining the asphalt of your parkade can help to benefit your business.

Let’s take a look at how parkade asphalt maintenance can be advantageous to your company.

4 Benefits of Consistent Parkade Asphalt Maintenance

Influences First Impressions

The parkade is where people develop the first impression of your business. Whether you actively acknowledge it or not, you do notice when a parkade is clean and free of damage. It sets the tone of the establishment and subconsciously reassures you about the quality of the building you are about to walk into. A properly maintained parkade shows patrons that you care about your entire property and how you hope others will perceive it.

A neglected parkade can be reflected by cracks in the asphalt that can even turn into potholes. As a driver, this can be irritating to navigate your vehicle through. As a customer, it doesn’t create the promise of a well-established and put-together business.

Increases Its Lifespan

As with most things in life, the more energy and effort you put into caring for the asphalt in your parkade, the longer it will last. This can be as standard as filling cracks in the asphalt as they appear or salting the ground during winter, while taking the time to remove snow and ice build-up. This will prevent poor conditions in the asphalt from worsening, thus saving you those potentially complex and costly repairs.

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It’s important to be aware of any puddles of water that are forming on the asphalt surface. This may indicate that there are some structural issues in your asphalt, but at the very least, sitting water can erode your asphalt over time.

Decreases Liability Risks

As the owner of the parkade, you are responsible for what happens on your property. Cracks and potholes in the asphalt are tripping hazards, and someone could be injured in your parkade due to compromised asphalt. You may be found at fault in such a situation, which could create legal and financial obstacles for you to deal with.

Increases Rental Opportunities

If you are a property owner renting out units to businesses, it’s important to present a well-kept property. This goes back to making a good first impression. Business owners will not be interested in renting a property if it looks like you do not care about maintaining it. The asphalt in your parkade is a part of the quality of your property.

Taking the time to consistently maintain the asphalt in your parkade can greatly impact the success of your business and the image you project. This can easily be done by hiring a professional company to ensure the condition of your asphalt.

The condition of your lot plays a significant role in how others perceive your business. We perform everything from parking lot maintenance, parking lot sweeping, parking lot power washing and more. Give us a call at 403-606-4545, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out our online form!

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