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Tips For Hiring The Best Commercial Painters in Calgary

When you need pipes, railings, parkade columns, or the exterior of buildings painted, you need commercial painting services. A commercial contractor will understand your needs and be able to meet them. But not all companies are the same; how do you find the one that’s right for you? Use these tips to find the commercial painters you need.

Ask Around for Painting Services in Calgary

Start talking to people about commercial services in Calgary. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, then check out what people are saying online. You can also stop by a local paint store to ask for referrals. Choose three contractors to compare. Be sure to ask the contractors for references and talk to them as well about their experience with the painters.

Check Insurance and Licensing of Commercial Painters

Find out what the insurance and licensing requirements are for your area, then make sure any commercial painters on your list meet those requirements. Hiring a painter with the proper licensing and insurance protects you and your property.

Interview Painters about Commercial Services

Set up a meeting with your top choices either over the phone or in person. Explain the details of the project and ask about their commercial services in Calgary. What kind of paint do they use? How do they handle spills? Do they use personal protective equipment? What type of experience do they have in the industry?

Get a Contract for Calgary Commercial Services

Before beginning any painting services in Calgary, be sure to get a written contract. The contract should include detailed information about commercial services in Calgary, including paint colours, cleanup arrangements, project dates, warranties, and schedule and amount of payments.

Enjoy the crisp, clean look of fresh paint on your property. Use these tips to help you discover the painting services in Calgary that will meet your needs.

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