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Types of Parking Lot Paints

If you are looking for commercial painting in Calgary to solve your tired, old parkade paint lines, there are some things you should know. Of course, the first is that you should make sure to hire a company to perform this work, which shows great professionalism and an understanding of your needs.

However, less commonly known, you should make sure that they know the right type of paint to apply. A common misconception about paint is that it is all the same, and you just need to pick the right colour and slap some on the right area. Unfortunately, this idea is entirely false, and you can end up with a substandard paint application very quickly.

Common Types of Commercial Paint

One of the most common types of commercial painting in Calgary involves the use of water-based acrylic paint. This paint is very environmentally-friendly and doesn’t contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), which means it can be applied safely in areas where people without protection will visit. Plus, it is also an easily-tinted paint, which allows it a depth of different colours and shades to customize for whatever situation it is applied within. 


Another common type of paint used in commercial Calgary painting is solvent-based alkyd paints. These paints are great for their versatility because they can be applied to many different services, including metal and concrete. Furthermore, they are relatively cheap, which means they are an excellent option for people on a budget. However, they are not as environmentally-friendly as water-based paints, and they need time to sufficiently cure before they no longer vape off their solvent. 

Finally, some paints are used for specific purposes. An example of this would be chlorinated rubber. This paint comes in mats and is bonded together with the application of a harsh solvent. This paint has applications for areas likely to get bumped by vehicles, like bollards and low-placed concrete barriers. 

Another example of paints with specific purposes is hot or cold cure variants. Some of the types of paint listed above could have these variants, but it may require an application of an epoxy-based paint instead. Chiefly, applications of this paint occur when the ambient conditions are not favourable for the ordinary types of paint, but the work must be completed within a strict timeline. 

Get the Best Commercial Painting

Now that you know more about the types of paint that you are likely to see within your parking structure, you can select the right contractor. The right contractor will be able to showcase their paint selection and offer information regarding the brand and type, and you will be able to speak on their choices confidently. Happy painting!

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