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What is the Purpose of Power Sweeping a Parking Lot?

A dirty parking lot is more than just aesthetically unpleasing, it also makes the parking lot break down faster. One of the best ways to clean things up is by power sweeping. Check out the purpose and benefits of parking lot power sweeping to learn more.

The Purpose of Parkade Power Sweeping

Parking lot power sweeping removes loose debris from the surface of the lot. This includes removing litter, dust, leaves, and other debris to leave your parkade looking great. It’s an important step in the process of parkade cleaning in Calgary.

Effective Calgary Parkade Cleaning

As part of regular parkade cleaning, power sweeping offers many benefits. It’s an effective way to remove loose debris without blowing around dust and other particulates; it can even help remove vehicle spills like oil and coolant. The loose materials are actually removed as part of the power sweeping process, not merely blown into the street or landscaped areas.

Cost-Saving Power Sweeping

Power sweeping a parking lot also helps it last longer. Debris left to deteriorate on the surface breaks down the pavement creating the need for expensive repairs or even replacement. Regular cleanings help maintain the integrity of your parkade so that it lasts longer, helping you save money in the long run.

Power sweeping also saves you money in other ways. It’s more effective than using a blower to clean the parking lot, which means you’ll need fewer cleanings overall. You also don’t have to worry about collecting and disposing the debris blown from your lot.

As you can see, power sweeping is an important part of parkade cleaning in Calgary. If it’s not already part of your regular maintenance schedule, contact a professional parkade cleaning company to find out about their services and add power sweeping to your routine parking lot cleaning schedule.

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